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Our history


The originate of Schifferstadt goes back to the 6th century to the royal court of the Merovingians and Franconians. Different names were given to Schifferstadt p.ex. in 868 "Sciffestad", in 977 (resp. 987) "Skeferstat" and in 1035 "Sciferstat". The first component "scif" or "scef" in Old German language means "ship".
But there haven't been ships on the Rehbach only rafts floating wood from the Rehbach to the Rhine.

Site of the raftsman

"The old name of Schifferstadt meant "site of raftsman" which were called "boatmen".
Already under the reign of the Salian emperor Konrad II and his wife empress Gisela Schifferstadt became the domain of the Salian ruling family. In 1065 the bishopric of Speyer took in possession the abbey of Limburg to which belonged "Sciffestad" and remained there until 1785.

Anno 1547

The guest-house "Zur Kanne" is the oldest existing original house in Schifferstadt. The first time our guest-house was mentioned in a document was in 1547. At this time it belonged together with the Catholic Church St. Jakobus to a monastery. Later on it was used as an accommodation for wayfarers and in 1900 it became an guest-house.

Between 1920 and 1929 the guest-house "Die Kanne" was taken over by Frieda Stahl known as "Aunt Frieda" among the Schifferstädter people.
Since 1965 the guest-house "Zur Kanne" is under the ownership of the family Prieschl.


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